Can’t make this shit up!

When I browse the local craigslist personals… I’m often dumbfounded by the endless list of demands and lists of qualities that a guy has to meet, before you even are considered worthy enough for a date.
And then there is the subject of the ads themselves, what I mean is they are all the same.  You:
* have to 6 feet tall or taller
* employed
* educated
* her partner in crime (whatever the fuck that means)
* rich
* so many years older than her.

All the same… except very few if any say what they bring to the table.

Every now and then you just find a gem like this one:

Beauty looking for forgiving husband – 32

I’m Julie, slim stacked and attractive, looking for happy relationship leading to marriage and children with an emotionally mature, good-looking guy who is financially well off, like me.

I’m a well educated, clean, tattoo/ pierce free, non-smoker, light drinker, drug-averse, healthy girl with a weakness for men.
You should be similarly clean, but open-minded enough to handle my need to date, both during our courtship and during our marriage. I imagine you to be older than me but maybe not.

My multiple-men dating cost me my first marriage and many relationships since. I know I can’t stop, but I want to be married again. It will have to be an accepted part of the deal from the start.

I will always give it to my guy, I just can’t be monogamous. My new accommodating husband, are you out there?? Talk to me. 

 Normally I’d rip this apart…

Speaks volumes on it’s own.  Not putting the source down… so don’t ask.


One thought on “Can’t make this shit up!

  1. Yes, those POF profiles are really pathetic aren't they. They always have an unrealistic expectation of what you need to be put man they never write what they will bring to the table. AW really suck.

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