Mark Minter and the Manosphere

aka  dr illusion.

lotta hoopla going around.
i fail to see the point.
as i’ve corresponded with ScareCrow on several occasions… i’ve informed him of this tattoo dislike I have for people sinking themselves into their programming.  no flexibility… just rigid.
i prefer labels… labels are easy to change.  open… subject to dialog, discussion and debate.

let me explain:

there are those that tattooed him a traitor but what’s the bloody point (there are others too that I’ve read)?  i enjoy reading roosh, but i believe he’s being rash.

personally i like the possibility vs. probability scale.   [1-10]

possibility that the doc found love:  an optimistic 5.1534321575 [don’t ask about my scale rendering]
probability:  don’t honestly know.

don’t know her, don’t know him.  he’s taking on an albatross around his neck.  as for the age diff’s… meh.. whatever.  I can speculate, as many of you can.  and speculation will just get you bogged down in programming, and closing yourself off to possibilities.  gotta admire the dumb fuck for putting it out there, just a little bit.

possibility that doc will not end up divorced:  0.75
probability that doc will end up divorced: +15.0

but hey, it’s no skin off of my nose, he knows the road often traveled.  he’s been there done that. got the t-shirt. maybe he’s right, mayhaps he’s wrong.  besides, no one is asking me for my thoughts, guess that’s why i give them away for free.

potential up side:  he’s happy
potential down side: he’ll be back in just about 7 years.  or less… and with more venom than he ever had before. i don’t have a crystal ball ya know.  even if i did i wouldn’t know what to do with it except… chuck it at something… or someone…hmm… possibilities are endless.
probabilities are what we end up living with at the end of the day.

and that’s why i blog… because I have my own perspective.
my own view.  i’m not part of a “herb” mentality… I think for myself.  if my thoughts agree with you, well enough said (you’ll find us to be like minded allies), if they don’t” “let’s agree… to disagree”
and once again, it’s no skin off of my nose… so whatever.


Hate Speech. Part 2.

A continuation from part 1.

Just in case someone was wondering for an official definition of the word moron, I’ll help ya.

“From her “The Demon Lover” (NY: Norton & Co., 1989 Morgan doesn’t hide her bigotry):

* p. 138-9: The phallic malady is epidemic and systemic… each individual male in the patriarchy is aware of his relative power in the scheme of things…. He knows that his actions are supported by the twin pillars of the State of man – the brotherhood ritual of political exigency and the brotherhood ritual of a sexual thrill in dominance. As a devotee of Thanatos, he is one with the practitioner of sado-masochistic “play” between “consenting adults,” as he is one with the rapist.
* p. 224: My white skin disgusts me. My passport disgusts me. They are the marks of an insufferable privilege bought at the price of others’ agony.
* p. 229: Sex to this point in my life has been trivial, at best a gesture of tenderness, at worst a chore. I couldn’t understand the furor about it.
* p. 316: Did she die of the disease called “family” or the disease called “rehabilitation”, of poverty or drugs or pornography, of economics or sexual slavery or a broken body?”

p.138-9:  Where on earth do you whack jobs come up with this?  epidemic, systemic? relative power.  this entire statement is nothing more than a female projecting her interaction with women on men.  what bloody brotherhood?  men compete with one another.  a healthy expression of aggression that drives us to excel.  Now I know of the sisterhood or herd mentality that women have.  good lord, even mortal enemies (as in two or more women that can’t stand to be in the same room together without a cat fight), will suspend hostilities if it gives them an advantage of ganging up on someone (male or female).  And get this straight you whack job, 97-98% of men have never, are not currently and will never rape anyone male or female.  Projecting much??!?

p. 224:  Agony?  No shit Sherlock… agony of men, agony of women, agony of children: agony of humanity.  As for the rest, that’s between you and God, and your country.

p. 229:  I understand perfectly.  Didn’t get your medicine and you weren’t treated right (if you were you’d be screaming for God almighty).
Quote: “Possible beneficial effects of consumption of semen:
There are mixed reports regarding the effects of swallowing semen. Some studies suggest that absorption of semen via the vaginal mucus membrane lining its inner walls has positive effects like reducing depression and also reduces the risk of breast cancer.”

p. 316: you need help… mental help.  I urge you to seek help as soon as possible.  mental illness is not funny… it can be treated with the right support, and possibly medication.  this is not a joke… please seek help right away.

“And let’s put one lie to rest for all time: the lie that men are oppressed, too, by sexism–the lie that there can be such a thing as ‘men’s liberation groups.’ Oppression is something that one group of people commits against another group, specifically because of a ‘threatening’ characteristic shared by the latter group–skin, color, sex or age, etc. The oppressors are indeed ****ED UP by being masters, but those masters are not OPPRESSED. Any master has the alternative of divesting himself of sexism or racism–the oppressed have no alternative–for they have no power but to fight. In the long run, Women’s Liberation will of course free men–but in the short run it’s going to cost men a lot of privilege, which no one gives up willingly or easily. Sexism is NOT the fault of women–kill your fathers, not your mothers”.
— Robin Morgan

Lie? really?  projecting much?  since you’ve never experienced oppression… what could you have to say on the topic?  You contradict yourself though when you say :specifically because of a ‘threatening’ characteristic shared by the latter group–skin, color, sex or age, etc
Sex is either male or female, therefore logic dictates that it can happen to men too.
the oppressed have no alternative”:   Tell that to men who find themselves divorced because of their wife’s whim.  Robbed of his children, his home, his income.  Tell those men in the western world that they have a bloody choice about.  They don’t!  “for they have no power but to fight”:  Tell them to fight?  Are you mad?  Why do I keep asking myself if you’re insane,you are, obviously.  Listen you raving moron, you don’t make a bad situation worse, by encouraging open havoc in the streets with broken bodies and blood as far as the eye can see.
Nut job, I don’t wanna kill anyone… hurt anyone.  Let alone my mother or father.
Who the hell reads this nut?  It is only through open and constructive dialog that progress can happen… you advocate murder… I advocate reason, debate and logic… sorry if that hurts your feelings… but it’s just more constructive and productive.

“To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he’s a machine, a walking dildo.”
— Valerie Solanas, Authoress of the SCUM Manifesto

Make me a steak dinner, that will flatter me… though just to be sure it’s not poisoned… you have to eat it too.  Both sexes have routines… that can be predictable.  so… I suppose both sexes exhibit machine like behaviour… but I think that escapes you… you didn’t think that through did you?  but you sure did feel it through… I’ll give you that.  As for the dildo reference, cute really.  Guess you just need your medicine.  Just saying.  I’d call Val a schmuck… but I’d just be insulting schmucks everywhere… I just don’t have the heart to do that.

“Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of society being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation, and destroy the male sex.”
— Valerie Solana, SCUM founder (Society for Cutting Up Men.)

Ah… Val:

Gender crisis much?  Any hoot… “destroy the male sex”?  Advocation of genocide.  In this day and age you are considered a terrorist.  Not like the international court at the hague will bother with this much….  They sure would if I said something like that about women… but hey… whatever floats your boat.  Not like I’m the founder of SCUW (Society for Cutting Up Women).  Wait… is there such an organization?   Let me google that… wait one.  Nope… Somerset County United Way… nope, that’s not it… Oh wait: nah… just someone being a dumb ass.  Super conductors… seward county united way… nope nope nope.  (if you were wondering, SCUM has 17,300,000 hits)

Back to the gender quip…: grow out your hair to shoulder length… a little makeup… lose the male clothing for a nice dress and some heels… I can see it… kinda cute. (she’s probably throwing up right now).  Opps.

“The male is a domestic animal which, if treated with firmness…can be trained to do most things.”
— Jilly Cooper, SCUM (Society For Cutting Up Men, started by Valerie Solanas)

Jelly bean… that’s how I feel about pets… not people.  Grow up!

Part 3 to follow.

Hate speech. Part1.

A rebuttal.

MarkyMark did a post that I just have to respond to.  So thanks Marky.

“The nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process.” — Linda Gordon

Well damn, you’re doing so well.  Hope you’re proud of yourself.  “whatever its ultimate meaning”, holy shit, now there is well defined goal. moron!

“I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.” — Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor.

Hating as an honourable and viable political act?  Are you insane?  Do you know what hatred is?  There is no honour in it, and it isn’t political.  Hatred is personal.  Take me for example, I personally don’t hate anyone.  I do however have an extreme dislike for morons.  morons like yourself for example.  If I had to guess, and I will… you have no idea what oppression is… do you? I’ll take another guess, you’re an unattractive woman that hit that wall at full speed…


Same moron:
“I haven’t the faintest notion what possible revolutionary role white hetero- sexual men could fulfill, since they are the very embodiment of reactionary- vested-interest-power. But then, I have great difficulty examining what men in general could possibly do about all this. In addition to doing the shitwork that women have been doing for generations, possibly not exist? No, I really don’t mean that. Yes, I really do.” — Robin Morgan

Lady… and I use that term loosely… you belong in a looney bin.  Shit work?  Really?  Ok… From this day forth I declare that men will stay home, look after home and hearth, children, dirty diapers.  Man up men.  Women… you are now going to be in the Army (or armed forces), coal miners… demolitions experts, inventors, politicians, plumbers, sanitation engineers, construction workers etc etc etc.
Just know you insult women everywhere that have had to share their husbands with the hazards of their work… you spit on them.  I’ll take that “shit work” any time… you can break your own back on my behalf anytime.  want it?  take it.
moron X 2

“We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.” — Robin Morgan

 Congrats.  You win.  I don’t want to marry or have children.  I also no longer wish to have any kind of meaningful relationship with any woman outside of my family.  You win… you shriveled up prune.  Your entire purpose in life is complete… again congratulations.
moron X 3

“I claim that rape exists any time sexual intercourse occurs when it has not been initiated by the woman, out of her own genuine affection and desire.”
— Robin Morgan

I guess we live in a time when stupid people get to have a say.  no wonder we’re up shit creek without a paddle.  the stupid people threw the paddle overboard because they thought it could get us somewhere.  fudge.  let me inform you about something, because it’s obvious that it’s as foreign as an alien probing for you.  there is this thing that happens.  man and woman are together, let’s say on a couch… watching the boob tube. their bodies intertwined so that an alien couldn’t tell if it’s two people or one. and they ain’t even naked.  he plants a kiss there, reciprocated on him. one thing leads to another (sorry folks, if you want my novels you’ll have to email me for the steamy goodies).  OMG, they’re naked and… can it be really… say it ain’t so… but it is… they’re having sex.  (I lied), He’s inside her, she wants him, he wants her… every inch of her… her hips rise to up to meet every thrust.  wait… gotta stop there and mop my forehead.   Damn….
most will get my point (no pun intended), even if the moron doesn’t.
my verdict:
moron X 4

After that, I need a break… stay tuned for part 2.


Sperm donor: Never.

For some it would be astounding as for the number of  ‘white knights” there are, but not for me.
Here is a case in point.
Both sides acted stupidly… but only the man has to pay.
Celebrate that in your classrooms and your homes.

I love this quote from from Plato:

Plato Republic 329c
I remember hearing Sophocles the poet greeted by a fellow who asked, “How about your service to Aphrodite, Sophocles: is your natural force still unabated?” and he replied, “Hush, man, most gladly have I escaped this thing you talk of, as if I had run away from many and mad masters.””

My source.

Read on dear friend and be in fear of what awaits you….

 Original here:

Sperm donor ordered to pay £300,000 after affair with client he met on a website where he said he was available for ‘breeding parties’

By Martin Robinson

A prolific sperm donor who advertised himself for ‘breeding parties’ has been ordered to pay £300,000 after fathering a child with a married client during a fling.
The man, who claims to have sired 30 children, was ruled the legal parent of a two-year-old boy conceived after an affair.
His claim that conception was the result of artificial insemination rather than ‘ordinary sex’ was rejected by the court, which heard he used his fertility to get women into bed.

Paying the price: A sperm donor who has fathered more than 30 children must pay £300,000 legal costs after an affair with a client

Paying the price: A sperm donor who has fathered more than 30 children must pay £300,000 legal costs after an affair with a client, the High court found

A judge heard that his activity  on an unofficial donation website was designed ‘to meet his own  sexual needs’.
The man – known only as Mr F – had also advertised online for a ‘breeding party – a male-dominated orgy designed to get a woman pregnant’.
At London’s High Court Family Division, Mr Justice Peter Jackson ruled that Mr F faces £300,000 in legal costs as well as paying for the child’s upkeep.
He said the donor and the client – referred to as Mrs M – had an ‘intense extramarital affair’ in 2010 after they met through a website.
The woman had been told the chances of having a baby were ‘pretty grim’ because her husband had had a vasectomy and was 30 years older. In March 2010, they met the donor in a cafe, but the husband was not happy with the plans and and left.

Ruling: Justice Peter Jackson called the man and woman 'untruthful, devious and manipulative' but agreed her pregnancy was as a result of them becoming lovers

Ruling: Justice Peter Jackson called the man and woman ‘untruthful, devious and manipulative’ but agreed her pregnancy was as a result of them becoming lovers
There you have it guys, a white knight.

However, three months later Mrs M spent a weekend at Mr F’s flat, where she claimed they had sex. She continued to see him and, according to her, they had sex on a number of occasions.

Her husband – who she divorced in February last year – had been ‘out of his depth and powerless’ as the fling with Mr F developed, the court heard.
The matter came to court when Mrs M claimed their meetings involved ‘15 days of sex’, while Mr F said they involved ‘15 donations by artificial insemination’.

The judge said: ‘I accept that Mr F first became involved in licensed donation altruistically and even now, I do not discount a residual element of altruism in his make-up or forget that there are many much-wanted children alive today as a result of his efforts.

‘However, I am clear that in relation to his website activity his mainspring has been to meet his own needs, at least at a sexual level.’
Mr F was also said to have ‘engaged in sexual activity’  with both members of a lesbia  pair who had approached him via the website.

But his prolific sexual activity with recipients amounted to a ‘brazen flouting’ of the rules of the website, said the judge. Mr F was ‘bound in his professional life by a clear code of ethics’, which made the risks he took ‘the more surprising’, he said.
‘In one relevant period of two  to three months alone, he was on his own account having sex with three women and providing artificial insemination to two others,’ added the judge.
‘Most of these contacts had  to be kept secret from the other women involved.
‘The sheer logistical challenge alongside his professional life will have been a burden that he would have been likely to have laid down if he had not been driven on by some degree of compulsion.’
The judge said the case had revealed problems in controlling the ‘informal trade’ in fertility treatment. Those seeking to conceive may be in a ‘vulnerable state and not all donors are motivated by altruism’, he claimed.

Career: The man was a licensed sperm donor who apparently used his fertility to get women into bed

Career: The man was a licensed sperm donor who apparently used his fertility to get women into bed

‘Some births follow treatment at licensed clinics and others originate from informal arrangements,’ said the judge.

‘Either way, those involved must often be confronted by profound feelings and powerful forces.
‘These include, relevantly to this case, a yearning for children, a need for friendship and a hunger for sex, forces that can overpower and defeat routine social conventions.’

He said the trade in informal donations – which is legal – is not regulated ‘in any meaningful way’.
The website in the case – which was not named – charges high fees while projecting a ‘rose-tinted account of successful, problem-free conception’, he said.

Its cardinal rule was ‘artificial insemination only’, but Mr F’s  public profile on the site was  said to openly advertise him as offering ‘artificial insemination and natural intercourse’.

Men must remember that they have only two options when it comes to men’s rights for birth control:

#1:  No sex with the opposite sex… ever… period (full stop if you prefer).
#2:  Condom… which isn’t 100% effective, and be sure to leave a parting gift [see source below] before you throw it in the trash.  Even then you have a 7% or so chance of ending up to be a Daddy, and you didn’t want to be a Daddy… be it through pins through condoms (bring your own), or post arriving theft (again see parting gift ).

Remember that you as a man will always be held to account, a female will not.

“Dispose of the used condom by flushing it down the toilet. Since this is not always possible, men are encouraged to carry some hot sauce to pour inside the used condom. According to Tom Leykis, there are several cases where women have attempted to impregnate themselves with the contents of used condoms, in an effort to extract child support payments from the man. Leykis advises men who use the ‘hot sauce method’ to “get out as soon as they hear a scream”, probably indicating that the woman has tried ‘injecting’ the contents of the condom into herself. Leykis says, “if you’re the risky type, stick around and sue her for attempted extortion.”
Habanero and Tabasco are two widely used. Put some inside the used condom and kill the sperm.

In an attempt to get pregnant, there have been several reported cases where women take the used condom, insert the sperm into themselves, and try to get pregnant. Without your consent of course.”


Be forewarned damn it, be forewarned!


£300,000 is like $600,000 us/cdn more or less.
Plus you get the joy of paying the dude that she’s cuckolding… nice.

50 State challenge, in 6 minutes or less.

Write down all 50 States of the US in 6 minutes or less.
Got this thing recommended to me by YouTube, an old “friends” episode.

After 6 minutes, my total:  30/50 = 60%
Used Wikipedia to check.

Why the fudge did I think Connecticut was a city, I’ll never know.  I know I know, dumb ass.  But then again, I’m not American, so I’m happy with my score.  Post your results in comments section… just for fun.

Don’t be that girl… vs. Don’t be that guy….

A debate mayhaps?

Oh goody goody… 

In case you’re behind, catch up:

Vancouver PD upset:

cbc crap:


or here.

Finally the Province:


so NO debate, at least not as far as the MSM is concerned.

Just reporting one side (thanks MSM, assholes).  Right, fine, how expected disappointing.

First, their message:

The opposition:

The opposition has more, just read the links at the top.


First poster:  ” Just because she’s drunk, doesn’t mean she wants to fuck.”

That cuts both ways, just cause he’s drunk doesn’t mean he wants to fuck either.  What the hell is wrong with you people.  Hypothetical situation, you’re both buzzed, she coming on to you like crazy, she hits the sweet spots… you respond accordingly, you hit her sweet spots.  you both end up spending the night, together.  next day, both of you are foggy, can’t exactly remember last night, but it was good… you think … wait… can’t remember.  this poster would have everyone believe she was raped.  conclusion: two people did something stupid that either or both regret the next day… is not rape.  to either party… just bad choices.

Second poster:  “It’s not sex… when she’s (he’s) passed out.  Sex with someone unable to consent = sexual assualt”.

DUH! with a capital D.  my goodness, if a girl or guy gets taken advantage of in this manner there is only one thing to do:  CALL 911! but hey, all you women studies morons, what the hell is wrong with you, what… can’t happen to a guy… really?  at least I had the courtesy of mentioning the possibility, since guys won’t report being raped as comfortably as women.  and guys wouldn’t call 911, it would be humiliating for them, but then again, why isn’t this studied in women studies classes… oh wait, i remember now, because we’re men, and don’t matter much to anybody (and since universities are breeding grounds for stupid people, guess what, you’ll not find a men studies class, because afterall, that would require the university to be a place of learning, of enlightenment: aka: the very antithesis of what they are now).  this is the very definition of rape, doesn’t matter the gender or person it happens to.

Third poster:  “Just because you help her home… doesn’t mean you get to help yourself”.

DUH, see my comment on second poster!

Fourth poster:  “Just because she isn’t saying no… doesn’t mean she’s saying yes”.

DUH, see my comment on second and third poster.  She (or he for that matter) is not able to participate in the act.  Logic dictates that any act performed on said individual is without consent.

Fifth poster:  just read it.

yeah, sounds to me like these individuals/collective is done with one sided messages.  making all men seem like bad guys.  like all of us can’t control ourselves with someone that is, un-responsive, is not conscientious.  the vast majority of men, contrary to what these posters say, are not monsters, are not evil, are not going to hurt anyone.  most of us just try to get by, as best we can.  every male who is not a predator, should feel just as insulted as I am by this “so called campaign”.  we are human.  we don’t wanna hurt women… personally, i don’t wanna have anything to do with the “other half”.  cross the line? fuck, you’re clear out of the ball park (I’m talking to females here).

 Sixth and final poster: “Just because you regret a one night stand… doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual”.

I have to applaud this people in Edmonton.  not only have they made this an issue, it’s an issue they brought to the MSM (even though the MSM have the expected disappointing rebuttal).  false rape allegations are 33% of rape claims… and no, i don’t have to state my souces… google it.. research it for yourself.  I’ll just give you examples:

That’s just two.  do you’re own fucking research.

Some more insult:

I’m spent… this topic, to me is dead.  make of it what you will.  to the folks in Edmonton, well done for doing your own thing.  Two thumbs up!